What is the Average Cost of Telemedicine Visit 2022?

What is the Average Cost of Telemedicine Visit 2022?

Average Cost Of Telemedicine Visit


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The cost of medical care often scares people from seeking the help they need.  This is where telemedicine comes in to help curb the hefty costs of seeking out medical care.

What is the difference between telemedicine and virtual visits, you ask? Well, the answer is the cost! They vary greatly as you will see in this article.

But before we jump into the average cost of telemedicine visit, let’s look at what telemedicine is and how it works.

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About Telemedicine

If you’re wondering, how does telemedicine differ from the traditional medicine, and how is telehealth used in healthcare then look no further! We bring the answers to you.

Telemedicine is the practice of medicine that uses technology to provide treatment to patients at a distance. A physician in one area utilizes telecommunications infrastructure to provide care to a patient in another location.

Telemedicine may detect a medical condition such as strep throat, allow a patient to converse with a mental health care expert, or acquire a birth control prescription.

These meetings are the same as regular in-person appointments, except that you communicate with your doctor or another medical expert through video conference – from the comfort of your own home.

Depending on the nature of the talk, you may receive a diagnosis, be told about various treatment choices, and granted prescriptions.

Ever since Covid affected the world and made homes our safest sanctuaries, virtual visits have been preferred over possibly risky in-person or no visits at all.

They are also more cost-effective than in-person appointments on a per-visit basis.

You should not opt for telemedicine in cases requiring rapid treatment or in emergencies that require urgent, in-person care, such as in the event of an accident, heart attack, stroke, etc.

What Is The Cost Of Telemedicine?

The average cost of telemedicine visit is determined by whether you have insurance and which service you use. And if you’re wondering: does insurance cover telemedicine? The answer is yes!

With Coverage

A doctor’s consultation through Telemedicine is often less expensive than in-person appointments or phone conversations.

An average cost of telemedicine visit for an acute respiratory illness costs $79 on average, compared to the $146 for an in-person visit.

When you consider how much time and gas you save by not having to go to a doctor’s office, the expense of telemedicine may be well worth it.

Some low-cost telemedicine providers, however, charge extra for prescription refills.

Without Coverage

Most health plans cover telemedicine services but not all – so check your package before proceeding. Some insurance companies may pay for telemedicine appointments if they are held on pre-approved video platforms.

However, you should note that several factors contribute to the average cost of telemedicine visit.

Factors Influencing Telemedicine Cost

It is critical to understand that the overall cost of telemedicine will be determined by a variety of factors, including the disease, your insurance plan, and the provider.

Cost may also be affected by the following factors:

Reputation And Licensing

The more sought-after a doctor is the higher their fee. Telemedicine expenses are also affected by the amount of licensing.

Doctors who are board-certified typically charge more for telemedicine services than those who are not. Telemedicine providers with government credentials are usually more expensive.

Because certain jurisdictions do not recognize certification, qualified professionals who fulfill HIPAA criteria and practice in these areas may not be eligible for payment.

Your Residence

The cost of seeing a doctor is determined by your location and the distance you must travel to see them.

Because doctors must travel greater distances to meet patients, Telemedicine services are more expensive in remote regions with fewer providers.

Your Health Concern

Telemedicine consultations are less expensive for mild diseases and disorders because no testing or physical examinations are required.

This means that you can get a telemedicine weight loss prescription from a telemedicine weight loss doctor; but keep in mind, your fee will increase if you require additional testing or physician-performed treatments.


If your insurance does not cover the provider you wish to see, you will have to pay for telemedicine services out of cash.

This may be a problem if you wish to speak with a provider, not in your region or who is not certified.


Telemedicine providers who offer cutting-edge services frequently charge more than those who use outdated setups.

More costly systems provide greater video and sound quality, and allow patients to engage with their doctor more quickly and efficiently online.

Nevertheless, the lack of uniformity across these alternatives makes it difficult for doctors to discover acceptable platforms on which to practice easily.

Saving Money On Telemedicine Visits

Telemedicine is more convenient for both patients and providers, but it is not without expense. Here are some suggestions for lowering the cost of your next telemedicine visit:

Do Your Research

Different insurance may cover different telemedicine visits at different rates, so check the details before enrolling in a specific plan.

Before making a virtual appointment, know what type of virtual appointment your insurance will cover.

Request A Discount

When calling to book, inquire about any reductions offered by your insurer. When insured patients check into telemedicine portals and applications with which they have collaborated, many providers provide significant discounts.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Take note of how long it takes your doctor to reply via telemedicine vs. traditional ways. If the provider provides discounts for using these modes, you can determine which option genuinely saves you money.

Because they provide convenience and speed, more people turn to technology-based healthcare choices.

However, before arranging a session with your doctor, you should investigate the best strategy to save money on telemedicine appointments.


In today’s consumer-friendly environment, you can save money on almost everything. This covers healthcare, particularly telemedicine.

If you’re wondering how to set up a telemedicine appointment or how to do a telemedicine visit, you may either plan a virtual appointment with your healthcare practitioner directly or use a third-party app to acquire telemedicine services.

However, it is important to remember: telemedicine impact on healthcare cost and quality is an area that’s continually being studied. Pricing will almost certainly fluctuate, and services will be added or eliminated based on demand and government requirements.

Hope we were able to assist you in this thought process!


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