What are the Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

What are the Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

A concierge physician, as you might know, offers personalized care and assistance. Previously just known to be common only among wealthy individuals, this service has now become highly affordable.

Why? Flexibility found fulfillment and personalization.

As per a study, 61% of doctors showed a decline in empathy levels after 10 successive check-ups. Needless to say, this is neither good for the patient, nor does it aid proper evaluation.

This is where the concierge comes into play. Keep on reading to find out more about the benefits of concierge medicine.

Concierge Medicine: At a Glance 

Concierge Medicine Services Convention Healthcare Practices 
Personalized access to concierge physicians, 24 hours/7 days. Mostly appointment based
Better patient-physician relationship A personal bond is not likely to develop
More time for evaluation. 30-60 minutes dedicated to every patient Primary care physicians give 15 minutes on average to every patient.
No extra charges for physicals and preventive screenings You might have to pay a separate charge for different services
Cost-effective in the short and long run Cost-effective in case of short-term illnesses*

Benefits of Concierge Medicine 

Before you go and start searching for a ‘concierge dr near me’, it is vital that you know why you should consider it in the first place. You are only healthy until you are not. Thus, having the convenience to have personalized healthcare at your fingertips is something you should never miss out on.

Here are some reasons why you should switch to concierge medicine:

For Patients 

  • Assistance: When You Need it, Where You Need it

Taking out the time in between a hectic day to book medical appointments is not exactly ideal. Furthermore, you never know when a certain condition that requires an immediate medical response may arise.

Contrary to primary healthcare facilities where you have to book appointments in advance and wait for days/weeks to finally see a reputed doctor, concierge medicine allows you to meet up with your doctor on the same day you need!

Furthermore, these doctors also serve as the one-stop solution to all your medical needs. These physicians/doctor-groups are capable of performing checkups that will otherwise require you to see a specialist.

So instead of wasting both time and money, why not consult with a concierge medicine provider to simplify your healthcare for these routine exams.

  • Better patient-physician relationships

As per a recent study, patients who have access to direct primary care have up to 19% lesser odds of premature death. On average, a normal primary care physician gives about 15 minutes to each patient. In such a short span of time, doctors are hardly able to know you on an interpersonal level.

In the case of concierge medicine, since there is more direct contact involved, you are more likely to develop trustworthy and familiar connections with your doctor. This also encourages you to follow suggestions for preventative treatment.

  • No more waiting

According to research, conducted for 15 large metro markets across the US, the average wait time for a ‘new patient’ physician appointment is around 24 days!

In that amount of time, even a small infection can transform into something cautionary. This lost time may also affect the type of treatment one requires.

Concierge doctors have more control over their availability since they restrict the number of patients they take on a daily basis. Your position as a concierge patient gives you access to same-day appointments, allowing you to address your concerns and medical issues as soon as possible.

  • Better long-term assistance

Since concierge doctors have more time to offer, this not only helps with immediate evaluation but also allows you to have an insight into your long-term health goals.

Seeing the same physician for an extended time means that he/she has access to more data (medical history) than a primary care doctor would, which helps them in prescribing better medications.

  • Detailed evaluation

Concierge practices often include advanced screening sessions which take a deeper dive into your family history. Even though your current tests might suggest you are healthy, looking at your family’s data might shed light on some common illnesses that you could be prone to, in near future.

With a concierge medicine program, be it your children, your spouse, or your parents, you will just have to dial one doctor’s number and you can get access to all the medical records you need.

  • Early detection of serious diseases

Even though you might feel at your personal best, an illness never knocks before barging right through the door. Concierge medicine is like insurance. This means that you are covered for any potential costly health issues that might stand in the way.

Furthermore, the treatment for major bodily dysfunctions often extracts a heavy toll, not only in the form of bills but also in time.

  • Unlimited primary care 

Concierge labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as X-rays, hi-tech laboratories, EKGs etcetera. Being connected to such a service helps you get access to all of this at heavily discounted rates.

For Concierge Doctors 

As per a recent report, tiredness in doctors significantly damages their ability to treat patients. On the flip side, a concierge doctor has a lesser workload due to lesser patients per doctor and a relaxed schedule.

Since they usually have a better bond with their patients, they are also able to reap the benefits of telemedicine in order to assist an individual.

Another advantage is financial gain. Since most concierge services are subscription-based, they have a regular source of income too. Patients typically pay a retainer fee which usually lies between $1000-$1800 which is an obvious benefit for the physician.

How Does the Pricing Work?

This depends on the model of practice that is being followed. The first one is a retainer model. In this model, the provider requests an annual or periodic installment retainer in exchange for providing enhanced or premium care to the patients.

In model two, patients have to maintain their own health insurance coverage in order to finance hospitalizations, diagnostics, and specialized treatment. Nowadays, many facilities also provide doctors on-demand without insurance.

These models then consequently lead to lower costs in longer terms, which is one of the primary advantages of a concierge.

While some may argue that affordability is the main highlight of concierge medical practice, direct primary care is often cheaper when we look at short-term illnesses.

Is it Right for You? 

All in all, this practice brings a sense of security to all kinds of patients. Short-term costs aside, when it comes to health, having accidental cover is always the best thing.

Furthermore, with lucrative payment/installment options and a personalized caring structure, doctors in boutique practices are really able to set themselves apart.

Hoping this article helped you understand the benefits of this practice. Thanks for keeping up!

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