In-Person Consultations

In-Person Consultations

Do you live or work in Mexico? Do you only speak English? Does going to the doctor or emergency room cause you anxiety or stress due to the cost or language barriers? You need medical attention when you need it.

At Telemed Mexico, we understand your concerns! Our system was developed specifically for expats and vacationers and we have the perfect solution for you. 


If you are located in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, we have English and Spanish speaking doctors available for in-person visits at your home, hotel, resort, or Airbnb for the only $98 USD without any hidden charges or extra fees.

You deserve quality, on-demand healthcare that is affordable with English speaking doctors. Telemed Mexico is dedicated to providing that for you.

Benefits of Using Telemed Mexico

Why Choose Us?

Telemed Consultations

Continuing to help manage data breaches and cyber attacks successfully.

Same Day Apppointments

Medical technology and equipment are our fields of expertise.

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Available 24 hours/7 Days

Constantly implementing quality and safety initiatives to improve the patient experience.

One Price - No Additional Charges

There are good doctors who provide medical services seven days a week

100% Secure - HIPPA Compliant

We provide comprehensive emergency and urgent care.

No Insurance Necessary

Nursing staff and private doctors can be reached 24/7.